Our Services

Facechoice Pharmacy

Facechoice Pharmacy is committed to offering the following essential services, funded by the NHS:



•Supplying medicines and Appliances

•Providing Information and advice

•Maintaining appropriate records


Repeat dispensing

Working with patients to:

•Dispense appropriate repeatable prescriptions

•Check that patients need all the medicine requested


Disposing of unwanted medicines

•Accepting and disposing of unwanted medicines from patients or carers


Promoting healthy lifestyles

•Providing information to patients with conditions such as diabetes and heart disease

•Participating in up to six public health campaigns each year



•Providing information about other health and social care services

•Providing information about local / national patient groups

•Referring patients to suitable services (if local arrangements are in place)


Support for people with disabilities

•Assessing medicine compliance needs of patients with disabilities

•Providing alternative forms of labeling or reminder charts

•Providing reasonable adjustment or support

•Providing multi-compartment compliance aids (if required) (Dossette Medicines)


Clinical Governance

•Undertaking patient satisfaction surveys

•Participating in national patient safety reporting schemes

•Participating in pharmacy based and multidisciplinary audits

•Having appropriate staffing levels, staff training and development

•Participating in NHS complaint schemes


Other services we provide


We offer a range of other services at the pharmacy, including:


Repeat Prescription Service

We offer a prescription collection service from selected local surgeries. Please ask for details.


Dispensing private prescriptions

We also dispense non-NHS reimbursed prescriptions at competitive rates.


Travel Health

If you’re going away, the last thing you want to do is worry about your health. We can tell you about useful medicines or those recommended for particular areas.


Emergency supplies

We can usually help if you need some regular medicine and can’t get in touch with your doctor. We must stress that this can only be done in genuine emergencies. Please note there may be a charge for this service.


Medicines sales

We stock a wide range of over the counter medicines and also vitamins and mineral supplements


Medicines Check-Up

A free NHS service to check you’re getting the best from your medicines. It doesn’t take long and can make a real difference. Conditions apply.


Smoking Cessation

We offer support to help you stop completely or just cope with a smoke-free environment for a short time – a long journey, for example. Conditions apply.


Supervised Consumption

We provide this discreet free NHS service, if required by your doctor to support treatment for particular infections or addiction.


New Medicine Service

This free NHS service give you an opportunity to chat with your pharmacist about new medicine you have been prescribed. Conditions apply.


As your local community pharmacy, we offer excellent value with a wide variety of


Medicines, Toiletries,

Baby Care, Monthly offers,

Knitting Wool and Patterns,

Our £1 Value Range,

and our Range of Pet Products


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